Welcome to the world of Studio Portraiture, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful and creative forms of studio photography. Come along to the studio, and learn many aspects of studio portraiture, and leave us, with some amazing images, to be proud of.

You will learn many aspects of studio lighting, specifically created for stunning portraits, during your 4 hour time at the studio. You very welcome, to bring along a loved one, friend or family member, to be your muse for the day, however, if you would like a professional, and beautiful portrait model, for this event, we do have a vast range of models, that work with us at the studio, for an additional fee from £25-£50 per hour.

This workshop will guide you through a vast array of lighting set up's, specifically designed for beautiful portraiture, used by professional photographers, around the world, and will leave you feeling accomplished as a photographer, leaving you with the studio portrait bug, everyone catches it. 

You need to have a basic knowledge, of your branded cameras settings, this is not a camera workshop, we will be taking you off of automatic, and guiding you through all the settings required, for stunning portraiture, but you must have knowledge of your camera menu. Every brand is unique, and we don't want to waste your valuable time, in the studio, configuring the working techniques of your camera, we want to be capturing stunning images of your muse. 

If you are unsure of your camera and it's capabilities, I highly recommend you take us up, on the offer of a free consultation meeting, where we can discuss your workshop ahead, plan your time with us in the studio, and take a look at your camera. Your camera will also require a single pin hot shoe, on the top of the camera, where you would usually place your flash, as this will be required to house our radion trigger, that fires the portraiture lighting, in sync with your camera shutter. Please don't worry if you don't have a compatible camera, we have a camera that can be hired by our clients, for a small rental charge. 

Introduction to Studio Portraiture Photography

£400.00 Regular Price
£200.00Sale Price
  • Join us in the studio, and fall in love with studio portraiture. This workshop will allow you to learn, many of the classical lighting techniques, when shooting people in a studio environment. This is a beautiful and exciting genre of photography to explore, and a great and wonderful hobby to enjoy. Come along for one of our free consultations, and see if this workshop is what your looking for, come for a cuppa and a chat and let's talk photography, my favourite subject in the world. 

  • This voucher can not be returned for the cash equivalent, however, you are welcome to transfer the name to another, but please inform us of the persons name, and details etc, so we may change our client's database. The voucher is valid for the forseeable future, we have no use by dates etc.