Welcome to the world of fashion photoghraphy, set in the studio environment.

This workshop is the perfect gift for yourself, or a loved one, who would love to know, how to capture fashion images, in a studio environment, like the professionals in all the top fashion magazines.

This workshop, will teach you the basics of studio lighting, and will give you a fabulous introduction, into the art of creating a fashion styled image, that will blow your mind. This workshop is a true taster, of what fashion photography is all about, and amazing value for money, for this ultimate gift.

The workshop is 3 hours long, and you will leave with amazing images to edit, and start your very own fashion portfolio. 

You are more than welcome to bring a family member, or a friend to the session, so you have a willing subject to shoot (only 1 person, more than 1, there will be additional charges as standard).

We have a wide range of professional models, wich are available for this style of workshop, prices from around £25-£50 per hour, on top of the workshop price. Your more than welcome to take advantage of our free consulation, where we can have a cuppa and a chat, explaining what any of our workshops are about, and share images of the models, that are available for this workshop session, giving you the choice of how your valuable, and amazing your session will become. 

We have a vast array of costumes, clothing etc. avaialble to use whilst in the studio, so having an extensive wardrobe for your chosen family member/friend, isn't a problem (various sizes available). If you hire a model for this workshop, he/she will bring a wide array of clothing, that suits this genre beautifully, at no extra charge. 


You, or the person you've booked this workshop for, MUST HAVE a basic knowledge of their camera settings, of their own choice of branded camera. This is not a workshop on how your camera works, this workshop will give you the settings and everything you require to shoot fashion images,and come off of automatic settings, onto professional manual mode, however, it does not teach you how to work the menu etc. on your camera. We do have a basic understanding of all camera's, but the last thing you would want, on a workshop, is spending 30 minutes playing around with the settings, when we should be capturing amazing images and having so much fun. If you are unsure of your camera's capabilities, please bring the camera along to your free consulatation, and we can check your camera's technical ability, for the workshop. The camera itself must have a hot shoe single pin, for which to attatch a flash unit, this is compulsary in studio photoghraphy, as we are working with strobe lighting, we need to attach a radio controlled trigger, to work with the studio lights. If your camera is not compatible with the studio lighting, we do offer an affordable hire service throughout your time at the studio with us.  


Introduction to studio fashion photography workshop

£400.00 Regular Price
£200.00Sale Price
  • For all those budding photographers, who have a passion for fashion, this workshop is perfect for you, a loved one, family member or partner. It's an exciting way to be introduced into a completely new genre of photography, and this taster will leave the attendee of the course, with the full on fashion photography bug, which is highly contageous at the studio, so be prepared. 

  • This voucher can not be exchanged for money at any point, and unlike any other studio, we do not add expiry dates to our vouchers, it is valid for the forseeable future, by the studio owner.

    If the recipient of the voucher declines the gift, the name may be changed, but please inform us, if this is the case, so we have the right name and contacts on our database.