Buy yourself,  a loved one, friend or relative a Boudoir experience, and allow them to have the best ever confidence boost they will ever need. Unlike any other Boudoir experience anywhere, we take the time to get to know our client's, build up a rappour that will reflect in our images.

99% of all  Boudoir Studios, expect the magic to happen in anything from 60 to 120 minutes, through experience, I have learnt, that this can sometimes be, what I call "The Rabbit in the headlights Time", where the beautiful woman in front of me, who has never before been photographed by a professional, in an unfamiliar environment, with very little, or no clothing on, is absolutely petrified, I know I would be. 

So, this is why, I offer every single Boudoir client I have, a free consultation, whether they have booked their own session, or it's a gift, they are invited to the studio, for a cuppa, a chat and a sneaky cup cake or 3, and we go through exactly what THEY WANT from their Boudoir experience, creating a moodboard and brain storm of exactly what this wonderful woman, wants from her experience with us.  So, before the session even happens, we are on a first name basis, and a rapport is being built, along with trust and honesty, two women, talking about grown up stuff, with no one interupting us. After this consulation, which can last up to 2 hours if needs must, we then book a date, convenient for her, then we have a conversation, through emails, or on the phone, if they have any queries. 

On the actual day, she will arrive at the studio, if she's booked beauty treatments, she will be looked after in the beauty studio, then brought through for hair and makeup with myself, (I am a degree trained, specialist media makeup artist, with 11 years in the beauty industry) then the boudoir experience starts, which can last from 3 hours, up until 6 hours, depending on how long "The Rabbit in the Headlight period" lasts.  

Each and every single woman, that has ever walked into the studio, to date, has left feeling a million dollars, and eagerly anticipating their edited images. There are many ways, in which to receive the images, and this will be clarified during their consultation with us, in the studio, where they will be shown a variety of products, they can receive the images on, from beautiful gem encrusted USB sticks, to hard back photo-books, canvas's, retro aluminium plates, eco-friendly wooden plaques, leather bound journals, and prints in beautiful frames, the choices are endless. 

As the Boudoir experience ius unique for each and every client, so is their package, each and every package is Bespoke, specifically designed, on a fully personal basis. 

So come to the studio, bring your loved one, friend, family member to the consultation, and they will be gifted the most amazing Boudoir experience, even the biggest Diva's and celebrities wouldn't complain. Everyone is treated like a Queen for the day, and this experience will change your loved ones outlook on life, forever. 

Boudoir Experience

£350.00 Regular Price
£175.00Sale Price
  • This is a bespoke servivce, to each and every client who comes to the studio. We tailor make our packages, to ensure you get the most from your studio time experience, we treat all our boudoir ladies like Queen's, you won't get a service like this anywhere, that's guaranteed.  We offer everything from beauty treatments, full hair and makeup styling, extensive lingerie and corsets, professional stylist and female photographer, by your side from the off. Book one of our free consultations, you have nothing to looose and everything to gain.    

  • This voucher can not be exchanged in return for money, and unlike many boudoir companies, we do not have a voucher expiry date, this voucher is usable for the forseeable future, at the studio, for any Boudoir experience in this price range. If the person named on the voucher, decides not to honour the booking, the name can be exchanged for another name, but please inform us if this occurs, so we can keep our client base records up to date. 

    Every Boudoir booking, comes with a free complimentary consultation, to ensure that every boudoir experience, is designed around the client, not the other way around, unlike any other Boudoir photography experience anywhere. We would love to meet up, have a cuppa, create mood boards, discuss clothing and have a great brain storming session, before your tailor made shoot.