Customer & Client confidentiality, care and commitment,  at Flash. Bang. PoZe. Photography.

At our studio, our client's are just as important as our equipment and the studio itself, without you beautiful people, there is no studio, so I would like to explain how Flash.Bang.PoZe. Photography works, with our confidentiality, care and commitment, to each and everyone of our wonderful clients. 

  • Your images are between me and you, and any person who has their image taken with you (family, friend's etc). Other than that, no third party will ever see your images, they are on my computer, additional hard drive, USB stick, so I never loose your images,through technical problems. Nobody has excess to these images, but me, they will never be shared with anyone, not in my portfolio of work, no social media, photography awards etc. Even if one of your images, is the best I have ever taken, it will never be shared, with anyone but you.

  • When you contact me though the website, social media etc. or subscribe to my emails offers, blog posts etc. your information is NEVER EVER shared with a 3rd party.  I am the sole user of this website, no one but myself has access to your information, on my death, everything is deleted automatically, by a family member. 

  • After 2 years, your images will be permanently deleted from my hard drive, computer and USB stick, you have until this period to re-order images, or photographic products, after this, the images will cease to exist anywhere. 

  • Your images will never be sold to a third party, for advertising, photographic products etc. I own the copy write legally, but promise that your images will remain, solely the property of you, and Flash.Bang. PoZe. Photography. This is my contract with every paying client I work with. 

  • Your images can be ordered and received, in many format's, from basic email, photograph books, canvas's etc. Once your order has been placed, product created, or email sent, the images will be removed from all of my photograph product accounts, and emails, ensuring that no-one has access to your images but myself. 

  • When you have your interview/photographic session, contact information, such as address, mobile, date of birth will be recorded, for my personal information. Your information will never be shared with a third party, it will never be stored on my computer, it will hand written in my Filofax, for my eyes and information only. After 2 years, this information will be destroyed, in a shredding machine, paper separated, so no information can be pieced back together.

  • When you have your consultation, photographic session and get to know me personally, during our time together, if I feel your comfortable and confident, about the images I have taken, during our session, I may offer you discount on your package, in return for being able to use several images from our session, if I feel they will benefit my portfolio. Please, please, don't be offended if I don't ask, I really need to feel 99% confident, that you will be fine with the offer /agreement that I will make to you. If you make the agreement, and your happy for me to use a couple of images, I will get you to sign a model release form, and apply the agreed discount to your account. These images, with your consent, will be used here, on my website, on my social media pages, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter etc. and may be used on business cards or flyers. At no time, would I ever  pressure anyone, to agree to this, this would only occur if I feel you have the confidence, and I would never, ever use an image without permission first. 95% of my images, on all my platforms, are of models I have paid, or we have an agreement with, to share the images. I have over 10,000 images on my hard drive, that will never see the light of day, only to the person who contracted me to take them. We will have a signed contract between us both, to guarantee I would never mis-use your images. If I was ever offered money for the image, by a stock image company, etc. I would contact you, ask your permission, and share 50% of the royalties with you. (This is unlikely to ever happen, but I believe in covering all aspects of my terms and conditions to my clients, honest is the best policy).

  • I constantly strive to offer my client's, the best service possible, with the best value for money, on all of the photographic products, they purchase from me.  I will always purchase quality products, from reputable companies, because I have had positive experiences and amazing quality products from their company. When I quote you a price for a photographic product, you may find cheaper on the internet, but you have to consider several things, my time for creating and designing a product (some of my photo-books can take around 10 hours to create on my software, from my supplier), so the charge for the product, will reflect the time  it has taken me to create the item. I can guarantee, I offer the best prices to my client's at all times, and when I can create products cheaper than quoted, I will always pass the savings on to my clients, 100% honesty is my policy, right across the board. 

  • I constantly do market research, across the photographic industry, particularly across the South-West of England, with photographic product suppliers, and other, competitive photographic studios,  to ensure my prices, are the most competitive prices possible. I have a "Price Guarantee" with all my clients, my promise to you is, if you can find the same photographic service, like for like, anywhere in the whole of the South of England, I will price match GUARANTEED, (does not apply to sites such as "Groupon" or  "Wowcher" )nso you will never pay more for my service, than you will with any other photographic studio package, and every single client, who has ever visited the studio, to date, has been 100% over the moon with the services I have offered and supplied. (Proof needs to be shared, website, leaflets, photography company name/address etc. Once validated, the price is all you will pay with Flash.Bang.PoZe. Photography.